Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Gifts Guide - Women's Body Jewelry by Hollywood Body Jewelry

Hollywood Body Jewelry is a website dedicated to wholesale body jewelry. We strive to offer a complete line of body jewelry and piercing jewelry from navels, plugs, tapers, nose studs, earrings, dermal anchors, skin divers, and so much more in all colors sizes.

Hollywood Body Jewelry

In 2003 Hollywood Body Jewelry started as a premier wholesaler in the traditional sense with our sale staff doing phone calls and travelling. The strong belief that quality products coupled with excellent professional customer service was the key to building our large loyal customers who still even trade with us today.

Women's Body Jewelry Christmas Gifts Guide

In 2005 Hollywood Body Jewelry went Online. Maintaining the same belief that people want quality products and genuine customer service, we took that mentality to build one of the largest wholesale body jewelry website.

Our bargain price on jewelry is only a portion of why more than 1,000 visitors come to our website daily. It is not just the fact that orders are usually shipped within 24 hours.

We believe that our success is, foremost, providing quality products that people want to buy and offering the same exceptional customer service for support. That is why we keep a vast inventory with more than 16,000 items and a friendly professional sales staff waiting to take calls for assistance.

We hope that customers who share our belief about selling quality products take advantage of our vast resources and allow us to be a superior supplier of choice of body jewelry.

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