Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fake Body Jewelry - Ideas for Piercings at

Why go through the trouble of piercing when you're unsure. Fake body jewelry solves all your problems. Whether it's a party or any one night event or your curious as to how you will look pierced then this is the thing for you. No needles, no problems.
Ideas for Piercings at Fake Belly Button Ring (No Holes - No Piercing) This exciting non-piercing spring loaded belly button ring is specifically designed to be worn on belly button. You can wear this fake belly button ring safely and comfortably not only on the belly button, but also on the ear.
Fake Body Jewelry No holes are required to wear them. Fun for all and all for fun! It has the effect of a real belly button piercing without the pain and permanence of a hole! Everyone will think that you have belly button pierced. Simply spring open and release to close.