Thursday, March 22, 2012

Iron Butterfly Tattoo Ink - Great Product for Any Artist

While every artist has a different opinion about what inks they like to work with many find that Iron Butterfly Tattoo Ink has great color and is easy to work with. This product is offered in individual bottles and can also be purchased in large quantities making great for both the small shop and the big fast paced business. When you select this product you are likely to be happy with the color options available as well as the number of combinations you can come up with from these choices.

The Tattoo Ink can be purchased at a local retailer but can also be purchased online for an excellent price. Purchasing these products online does not make them any less quality and in fact is an easier way for many artists to shop, whether they need large quantities or small. This will give you the products you want without having to run around looking for them or picking them up. A few points to remember when purchasing products like this online are that you want to know the company you are purchasing from. That doesn’t mean if you don’t know the name you shouldn’t purchase there. It simply means take the time to be in touch with them and ask the questions you might have.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wholesale Gem's Body Jewellery at was established by medically trained professional body piercers in order to address the need for quality personal and professional body piercing supplies at reasonable prices.

Gems Body Jewellery Wholesale at

HottieBodyJewelry was founded by body piercing professionals with over 40 years combined experience in the medical and body art fields. Our staff has been featured in hundreds of media publications, and currently share managing editor duties for the Body Piercing News, the most respected publication in the body art community.

Gems Body Jewellery Wholesale

Our training goes beyond the required Blood-borne Pathogen OSHA approved training and completed Hepatitis B vaccination series (a requirement for all Los Angeles County Body Art Technicians), to include additional certification and training in Adult, Child and Infant CPR, AED, First Aid Survival, and Emergency Survival Training.

Furthermore, our body technicians are both currently registered with the Los Angeles County Health Department as well as have up to date locational permits. We also routinely post spore test results publicly on this site as well as our physical locations as testimony to the integrity of our autoclaves.