Friday, December 23, 2011

Body Jewelry from

At ANATOMETAL, we believe in a quality product that will withstand the test of time. Extreme care is put into each piece of jewelry throughout each stage of its conception. From the use of implant grade materials to hand polishing, we take the extra effort to insure that your jewelry is flawless.

Body Jewelry from

We firmly believe in the superiority of internal threading, as opposed to external. The threads tucked into the shafts and the edges of all of our jewelry rounded to a smooth finish insure both safer insertion and a more comfortable, accelerated healing process. All casting of 18kt gold is done in-house to insure that the quality meets our high standards.

Anatometal the most respected body jewelry company on the planet

Our mission is to blend the best of 21st century technology with research and refinements of manufacturing technique, in a modern-day guild of responsible and committed craftsmen.

We work daily to provide the highest level of caring customer support, drawing from personal experience with body piercing jewelry, the resources of an on-staff professional piercers, and a passion for this ancient art. Science blends with art as we constantly update and apply our knowledge of metal specifications for safety, comfort, and durability.

We build on our prominence and hard-won success in the industry by demonstrating leadership in combining the finest American resources. The use of domestic materials meeting our exacting standards, as well as a highly motivated and talented staff is what makes Anatometal the most respected body jewelry company on the planet.

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