Sunday, October 30, 2011

AchaDirect.Com - Body Jewelry Source

Our body piercing factory produces all types of wholesale body jewelry, this includes: tongue rings, titanium tongue bars, tongue piercing jewelry, navel bars, belly rings, nose rings, nose piercing, lip piercing, nipple jewelry, nipple rings, eyebrow piercing, eyebrow rings, eyebrow bars, belly button jewelry, nose jewelry, tongue jewelry, nipple jewelry.

AchaDirect.Com - Body Jewelry Source

The online web store stocks tongue rings, nipple rings, belly piercing, wholesale body jewelry, wholesale piercing supplier, wholesale body piercing, wholesale body jewelry, wholesale stainless steel jewelry and sterling silver body jewelry wholesale distributor.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

BellyBella.Com - Body Jewelry Diamond

Located in Beverly Hills and La Jolla, California, our craftsmen and staff combined have over fifty-five years of experience in the creation and design of belly rings and other fine jewelry for many of the world's most well known artists and celebrities. We are committed to excellence and personalized service.

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We use only the highest grade of solid gold, white gold and platinum, plus the finest quality of diamonds and precious gemstones when designing our jewelry collections. Our unique designs are exclusive only to and our customers.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 - Trendy Body Jewelry

With vast selection and highest quality body jewelry in the industry Hollywood Body Jewelry is leading the way as the top distributor/wholesaler domestically and internationally. We pride in ourselves by providing our valued customers with excel innovation; superb customer service and emerging new line of body jewelry to boost sales.

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"We specialize in quality wholesale body jewelry, offering the latest and unique wholesale navels, tapers, plugs, and even trendy wholesale stainless steel jewelry. Quality body piercing jewelry we carry are meant to last and impress. Grow your profits by expanding choices with bulk body jewelry deals, our extravaganzas, and bonus packs from our wholesale body jewelry line."

trendy body jewelry

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