Sunday, April 8, 2012

Body Jewelry & Piercing Supplies from

BodyJewelrySource is a Family Owned and operated Company. We value your business and will try our hardest to make your ordering experience the best on the internet.
Piercing Supplies from Our inventory of Ear Gauges is slowly growing so please keep a look out for new products. If you have a suggestion for any ear gauges or other body jewelry you would like us to carry please email us and let us know.
Body Jewelry & Piercing Supplies BodyJewelrySource wants to put you the consumer first. We know how hard it is to get good service and great prices on ear gauges.

Many retail and online stores mark up their body jewelry at an unbelievable percentage. It is our mission to offer you a variety of products at reasonable prices.

We will keep our shipping rates as reasonable as possible allowing you to spend more money on ear gauges and less on shipping . We know you want your purchase as soon as possible and we aim to please!

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