Sunday, January 8, 2012

Illusion Jewelry by

International Silver is located in New York City and has become one of the most well respected manufacturers, importers, and distributors of wholesale body jewelry in the world.

Illusion Jewelry by

If you are looking for wholesale silver jewelry, stainless steel jewelry, sterling silver jewelry, or even tungsten or titanium you will not need to look any further than International Silver.

Illusion Jewelry

We can be your one stop sterling silver jewelry wholesale distributor as we provide quality products at the best prices.

In fact, as a company our goal is to provide you with the very best silver body piercing jewelry in stainless steel, sterling silver, titanium, and tungsten that you can afford. Our staff will happily work with you to establish the products that you need and we always offer them for the price that is right.

Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry and Fine 316L at the Best Prices! Quality Items and a Price that is Right with International Silver! International Silver easily stands out from the competition for a variety of reasons, one of the most important being that we offer all of the quality stainless steel jewelry pieces that you might need.

International Silver boasts experts and designers that are skilled in working with stainless steel jewelry, which results in the best selection of quality stainless steel that you will find on the market.

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