Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Titanium Belly Rings at BellyBar.Co.Uk

Belly bars & belly rings we have in stock now include designer belly bars, sterling silver belly bars, disco ball belly button bars, new heart shaped crystals in solid silver settings, long dangly belly bars, chandelier belly bars, lizard & butterfly belly bars, designer belly bars with unusual designs and an increasing range of titanium belly bars, both fixed & dangly.

New body jewellery

A new and stunning range of belly button piercing jewellery with titanium bars, with bar lengths 6mm,8mm,10mm & 12mm. Body jewellery for belly dancing, with long drop dangly belly rings with beautiful and unusual designs.

beautiful body jewellery for all sorts of body piercings

Sterling silver belly bars with solid silver designs and lots more belly button and other body piercing jewellery. We also stock jewellery for tongue piercings , tongue bars and studs, with uv glow balls, jewelled tongue bars, coloured and glow in the dark tongue jewellery, dice tongue bars, eyebrow bars, and new logo belly bars and body jewellery.

New body jewellery is usually added to the website daily, with lots of new ear lobe expanders, flesh tunnels, tongue bars, tragus studs, cartilage and helix piercing jewellery, and of course lots of new silver and surgical steel belly bars . Most of our body jewellery for belly button piercings is now available in bar lengths of 6mm,8mm,10mm & 12mm, and some is available with titanium bars. If your belly piercing is even smaller than the small 6mm bar lengths, and you need a very short bar please ask. A huge range of beautiful body jewellery for all sorts of body piercings.

Official website bellybar.co.uk


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