Sunday, October 30, 2011

AchaDirect.Com - Body Jewelry Source

Our body piercing factory produces all types of wholesale body jewelry, this includes: tongue rings, titanium tongue bars, tongue piercing jewelry, navel bars, belly rings, nose rings, nose piercing, lip piercing, nipple jewelry, nipple rings, eyebrow piercing, eyebrow rings, eyebrow bars, belly button jewelry, nose jewelry, tongue jewelry, nipple jewelry.

AchaDirect.Com - Body Jewelry Source

The online web store stocks tongue rings, nipple rings, belly piercing, wholesale body jewelry, wholesale piercing supplier, wholesale body piercing, wholesale body jewelry, wholesale stainless steel jewelry and sterling silver body jewelry wholesale distributor.
Our Inventory of wholesale body jewelry includes: Cheap Quality Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry, Gold body piercing belly bars with Cubic Zirconia, Non piercing fake imitation magnetic non body piercing jewelry and body piercing, Black line titanium industrial piercings, Tungsten with cz and titanium, Organic Horn, Bone and Wood wholesale Body Jewelry Plugs, tapers, Flesh Tunnels, Pinchers and Expanders from Bali, Indonesia. Silver Piercing, rainbow gay pride Jewelry .

Inventory of wholesale body jewelry

Labrets, circular barbells, eyebrow barbells, silver hoops, belly rings, horseshoes, cbrs, bcrs, captive bead rings, nose pins, nose screws, segment rings, surface piercing, belly bars, tongue bars, dermal anchors, tragus piercings, helix piercings, nipple shields, hollow plugs, flared plugs and solid plugs.

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