Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Non-Pierced Jewelry

Jewelry is very individualistic, and we often think of jewelry as something worn around necks, arms, wrists, ankles, hands, fingers, toes and on our clothing. Non-piercing jewelry reminds us of necklaces, chokers, clasp earrings, watches, tie clasps, and cuff links. There is another consideration that may not have come into your thoughts. These are jewelry designed to fit you perfectly without pain or piercings. This non-piercing body jewelry is quite intimate. Most of the styles are personalized with your favorite gemstones and crystals, creating a special tantalizing unique feeling. We are talking about non-piercing body jewelry on your most private parts providing you with a most sexual and sensual feeling.

Non-Pierced Jewelry

Non-piercing body jewelry doesn’t have to be of the sexual kind. Available in different styles are ear cuffs, fake belly button jewelry, fake flesh plugs, and fake nose rings. The ear cuffs come in many different styles, and made from many different metals. The ear cuffs add style without having to put lots of holes in your ears. The fake belly button non piercing body jewelry is also made from many different metals with Swarovski Crystal dragonflies, flowers, hearts, and sparkling dangles. These are all held in place with non-piercing belly button glue.

The fake flesh plugs provide the look as if the ear flesh has been pierced and stretched. This is far from what has taken place. The illusion is carried out through the size of the plug. The nose rings are also made of many types of metals and different designs. The nose studs and rings can be worn on the nostril or even you septum. They are very similar to ear cuffs. As with anything there is an extraordinary range of designs that can be worn for different looks for different occasions.

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