Sunday, August 21, 2011

Titanium Belly Rings

Titanium belly rings are a newer form of jewelry, only recently a part of mainstream culture and able to be found in places that sell jewelry. With the rising trend in getting belly buttons pierced, there has been an increase in stylized jewelry to cater to that trend. Belly button rings can vary in price and in what they are made from, but a common theme emerges among all of them — usually a charm or gemstones are the focal point, and the main body is a barbell to slide through the piercing. A tiny ball on the other end secures the ring and keeps it from being lost.

Titanium Belly Button Rings

Titanium is what is used by many who are performing the belly button piercing, with stainless steel being a close second. These initial piercing rings are mainly composed of the materials that they are, due to allergy concerns and sterilization. Stainless steel or titanium rings are easily cleaned, are rarely the source of rejection or skin allergy, and are a reasonably priced material that makes getting a piercing more affordable. There are those who might be allergic to either of these choices, but they are a small percentage; those individuals may opt for a gold based piercing jewelry rather than standard titanium or stainless steel. Piercing jewelry is usually quite simple in design, either a hoop with a ball or a curved barbell with two small balls, one on each end to keep it from falling out.

After the initial healing phase, that first piece of jewelry can be removed and a new, more decorative piece put in its place. Most replacement jewelry for the initial barbell is quite affordable, if made out of titanium, and can be easily found. Titanium belly button rings are more commonly being found, so that it is possible to find them in shopping malls, clothing stores, boutiques, department stores, and jewelry stores. Other places to check, include novelty stores, at tattoo and piercing venues, and online. Titanium belly button rings are quite affordable, often ranging in price to around $20-$25 USD, with the more expensive varieties either having an elaborate design, semi precious stones, or a pop culture icon that makes them a bit higher than the norm.

Titanium belly button rings are wide ranging in design. Most have a single stone as their central focal point, in either a faux, precious, or semi precious variety. Typically these single colored stones are modeled after standard birthstones. Some designs feature clusters of stones, or a central stone with smaller ones dangling off of it. Others feature groups of stones to form a design, like a butterfly or a symbol. Then there are those types of titanium belly button rings that are without stones and use other materials to formulate their decorative points — silicon in various colors, fimo, or all metal. It is possible to find titanium belly button rings featuring cats [in multiple parts], pop culture icons, or rock and roll references. Titanium belly button rings tend to offer the widest selection at an affordable cost.

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